Typography brings beautiful contraversy. There is so many types of work that bring many different points and opinions regarding a certain rule. Everyone uses typography in their everyday life, but very little take the time to consider it. As designers, we are professionals and it is our job to use it the right way according to what you are doing.

First off, there is more then one type of typography :

Classic Typography : It is found in work dedicated to art with Big Margins,

Courant Typography : It is found in most newspapers and books 

HTML Typography : It is found on the web


Reading means better Design

Alright so I come out of school and I am this speedy full of ideas little creator. One day I hit the wall. I had started my job mostly designing websites. This means I did not have the big pressure to recheck long client text to make sure everything was OK for the final print. So one day I end up doing a bit more print and the hit is pretty big on me. I had really developed a lazy eye that flew away from any long text.


At first, I did not understand why a junior designer had to care so much about every detail and correction in the text that would be made. But I soon realised it would only be an improvement for my designs. By reading, and I mean really reading, you can capture the essence of what the client wants to communicate. It makes you more independent and confident of what you will end up presenting to the client. By knowing the text and finding errors that can be repaired you will bring out the essential and you will also bring the client in a peace of mind, meaning a lot more secure about his decision to hire you. In the end, by simply reading and knowing what you are designing for, you will stand out from the others who blindly design for beauty and then really become a professional.